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Cryptocurrency Minting

Before we begin to talk about why our cryptocurrency is unique, we encourage you to read our documentation about traditional cryptocurrencies and their current shortcomings.


We have developed a new way to generate cryptocurrencies that transcends all the current cryptocurrencies to ensure that we have the safest, most advanced and stable cryptocurrency on the market today. This technology is not a fork of any other cryptocurrency or a replica of a different blockchain – we have developed this infrastructure from the ground up.

Using technologies such as quantum entropy, we have developed our own blockchain that eliminates the need for a distributed ledger and mining. Our coin is unique in the sense that our value is derived from intrinsic value and not just speculative demand. We can back our coin by any type of asset available on the market.

We are only offering this proprietary cryptocurrency generation as a service to select users. Use our technology as your own and create a cryptocurrency that propels you into the future. Currently, we are only accepting users that plan to use this cryptocurrency the way it is designed – to create the most robust and flexible asset-backed securities.


Cryptocurrency Blockchain Asset-Backed? Transaction Time Secure? Private Transactions?
Bitcoin Single No 45 minutes No No
Ripple Single No 1-2 seconds No No
Ethereum Single No 30 minutes No No
Currency Mint Multiple Yes 1-2 seconds Yes Yes

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