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Financial Infrastructure

SPV C-Corporation

The first step in setting up a banking infrastructure involves creating a specialized Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). The SPV acts as the official corporation that handles all operational activities, audits, bookkeeping and more. It is a legal entity created to insulate the issuer of an asset-backed security (such as one...
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The next step is setting up a trust. A trust fund is a particular type of legal entity that holds assets for the benefit of another person, group, or organization. There are many different types of trust funds and many different trust fund provisions that change how they operate. Generally...
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A foundation is used to make assets legally independent from the founder by transferring them to a legal entity. Unlike a corporation, a foundation has no members but does have beneficiaries who are entitled to enjoy the foundation assets and/or income according to the will of the founder. Some of...
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Holding Company

A holding company is a parent corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership that owns enough voting stock in another company to control its policies and management. A holding company exists for the sole purpose of controlling another company, which might also be a corporation, limited partnership or limited liability...
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Banking Infrastructure

We set up Bank Holding Company, Foundation, and Trust, now with this, you can have a fully licensed bank in Europe, Asia, Australia and/or America. This will fully qualify you for our bank to bank services, including: Leasing Covered Bonds Financial Instruments Private banking – A customized line of banking...
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