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Technology Integration

Once your financial infrastructure is complete, and your bank is adequately set up, we provide you with the full stack of technology to ensure your business’s success.

First, we build you your own Software Defined Data Center(SDDS) where the Infrastructure (IaaS) will reside, we provide you with a fully customizable public and private cloud that grows with your business giving you the power of virtualization and saving you money on expensive computational resources as well a dedicated IT team. Next, we build out the Platforms (PaaS) to assist in website administration, email handling, asset management, banking actives and more. We provide all the necessary Software (SaaS) to give your team the flexibility it needs when interacting with clients and managing data. Use our specialized Desktops (DaaS) to perform and automate a wide range of business activities including our proprietary workspaces designed for data science, trading, SEO, cloud computing and more. Utilize the most cutting-edge technologies in Containerization (CaaS) to move away from a monolithic infrastructure to a more agile and flexible solution – create and harness the power microservices capable of automating your entire organization. This ground-up approach will eliminate thousands of hours of work by automating processes ranging from simple tasks to complex activities.

In addition, we will provide you with virtual office phone systems, cybersecurity, and more. Whatever the case may be, we can bring technological solutions to your enterprise.


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