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Our Services

Trading Systems

Our proprietary Trading Systems are the backbone of our operation. By being able to generate algorithms that are capable of critical thinking by integrating new advances in technology and predictive analysis, we are constantly and automatically producing a consistent and predictable amount of income for our clients and partners.


Algorithm Development

We have created a one of a kind engine capable of engineering millions of algorithms each day. Every algorithm is uncorrelated, diversified(different indicators, time frames, pairs and more) and embedded with smart technology that allows them to communicate with one another to ensure that we have a diversified, yet consensus-driven portfolio fed with data much more powerful and useful than standard tick data that every other trading firm uses. By having a consensus-based portfolio, we ensure that every different metric is in line (fundamental, technical, price-action, sentiment, market psychology, etc..) before we execute a trade.

Data Science

By aggregating the information from each one of our millions of algorithms, we generate data that transcends all types of analysis available. We call it “Resolution”, this resolution allows us to view in the market in a four-dimensional perspective where we see real-time changes of any given financial instrument. By combining information regarding equities, currencies, commodities, bonds and even cryptocurrencies, we can see the subtle, yet impactful causes of fluctuations in price. The cycles become apparent. We then feed this information into our Artificial Intelligence engine to make decisions regarding which trades we should allow or deny.



All our systems are fully automated to free up critical time spent on repetitive processes and are extremely robust to take human emotion out of algorithmic generation, data science, and trading. By sticking solely to math, and conversely to our proven track record, we can let our systems run engaged with our supervised learning autopilot.

Our platform analyzes the performance of each one of our algorithms, optimizes parameters, produces and ranks them on a multi-dimensional spectrum based on hundreds of different factors including but not limited to current market prices, past performance during similar conditions, and future predicted performance. Our systems harness the power of machine/deep learning, neural networks to predict which algorithms will produce the best returns during specific market conditions and leverages Bayesian optimization to intelligently reallocate the strategies based on future conditions.

Our mainframe is capable of automated genetic evolution of the algorithms. By using the multi-dimensional spectrum, it identifies strategies that are suitable candidates for selective breeding to pass along profitable (or alternatively predictable, conservative, aggressive, experimental etc…) traits to the next generation of algorithms. Once a new “genome” is created, those types are automatically loaded into the AI Engine for this process to start all over again.


As a client, we will provide a fully customized trading infrastructure capable of managing the assets under management of your bank. We have both a user-controlled trading infrastructure or a fully automated solution. Additionally, we will provide on-site financial engineers, data scientists, cloud engineers and programmers to support your endeavors as well as training your staff to help you effortlessly expand your operations.

User Controlled
We can provide any number of solutions to help your team trade to their fullest potential including adjusting our signals provided to you, using our algorithms to create your own portfolios or simply using our technology to generate your own automated trading strategies. We provide several different proprietary Virtual Private Servers (VPS) fully loaded with trading, data science, and algorithm development software to give your team the edge it needs to trade profitability.


Signal Adjustments

One of our solutions is sending your team a wide array of our trading signals and they adjust which types of trades are accepted to the main account and which ones are rejected.
We send over 1000 trades to the EURUSD, your team of analysists determines that the EURUSD is on a downward trend, so they only accept trades that short the EURUSD based on a moving average cross for entries and exits.


Algorithm Deployment

We provide an unlimited number of algorithms so that your team can build their own customized portfolios based on their own analysis of the markets. We can provide all the automation scripts and customized programming to make your trading endeavors as streamlined as possible.


Algorithm Development

Receive a customized algorithm development and data science cloud-based platforms to generate your own strategies. Use our data science infrastructure to analyze the markets, collect data and pass it on to the algorithmic development platform. From there, your team can generate cutting-edge strategies that are designed for tomorrows markets.



Fully Automated Solution
Alternatively, we can provide a turnkey solution where we broadcast trades into every individual account based on the client’s unique financial needs. We have several different risk levels including conservative, moderate, aggressive and experimental.

Plan Return Target (Monthly) Drawdown Trades per Month Diversification
Conservative 1% – 5% 5% – 10% Maximum About 1000 7 pairs
Moderate 5% – 10% + 10% – 20% Maximum About 2000 15 pairs
Agressive 20% – 50% 20% + Over 3000 30 pairs


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